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Social Action

Formed in 1934, the Social Action program was conceived by Bro. Elmo M. Anderson to focus on improving the general wellbeing of disenfranchised people. The mission of the International Social Action Program is to encourage social, political and philanthropic leadership which strengthens our respective communities and our membership by:

  • Educating fraternity members on health issues affecting them and their families

  • Increasing visibility and sense of self-worth by/through serving in the community

  • Providing education/information about political and community issues, and increasing awareness of the legislative process

  • Involving the membership in fund raising activities that support organizations sharing our vision

  • Promoting health awareness to encourage prevention of health challenges and promote health maintenance

Local Initiatives


Door-to-Door Voter Outreach

Community Food Distribution

  • Adopt-A-Highway

  • Voter Registration Drives + Virtual Voter Information Toolkits

  • Covid Resource Hub

  • Community Resource Fairs


COVID Resources

Stay up-to-date on the current fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic. Resources for Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania; communities are provided. Also, check out our Sigma Small Talks: Covid-19 Video  Replays.

Bigger & Better Business


Social Action

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