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Financial Literacy Month

“If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.”

 --Henry Ford

The Bigger and Better Business Committee of Nu Sigma Chapter mission includes helping improve financial literacy within our communities. Inspired during this Financial Literacy Month, the committee wanted to put the tools to better money management, building wealth, debt and investing at your fingertips by curating a Financial Literacy Library.

Hover over the books below for more information on purchasing options. We do encourage visitors to use AmazonSmile to make your purchases and helping support our Dennis White Memorial Scholarship Fund

Money Minded Families.jpg

Money Minded Family by Stephanie W. Mackara

Financial Intelligence.jpg

Financial Intelligence

by Karen Berman

Everything Money.jpg

Everything Money

by National Geographic

Dynamic Budgeting Techniques.jpg

Dynamic Budget Techniques

by Arthur Prosper

Wall Street Smarts.jpg

Wall Street Smarts

by Yul Spencer

Talk Money To Me.jpg

Talk Money

to Me

by Kelly Keehn

The Money Club.jpg

The Money Club: A Teenage Guide to Financial Literacy

by Jasmine Brown

The Opposite Side of Spoiled.jpg

The Opposite of Spoiled

by Ron Lieber

Money Makeover.jpg

Millennial Money Makeover

by Conor Richardson

Money Smarts.jpg

Money Smarts by Nathan Nguyen

The Power of Generational Wealth.jpg

The Power of Generational Wealth

by Gerald C Grant Jr

The Kids Money Book.jpg

The Kids’ Money Book

by Jamie Kyle McGillian

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